On Winter Break and a Simple Holiday Recipe

We got our holiday orders out and now it’s time to catch up with every day life , our own holidays (oh yeah, WE have to get gifts for others too! Yikes!) and just enjoying winter. We got a brief dusting of snow but it was enough to remind me, solstice is here on Friday. I hope you enjoy a toasty fire and good company on that day and many more this winter!

If you get gift money for the holidays and want to get a cheese kit, come on by, we will open all shops back up on December 23 but we will not start shipping until January 9, 2013. Happy New Year, see you in 2013 with new cheese adventures to share!

A wholesome and comforting recipe to help you enjoy your fresh cheeses- this is great as an appetizer, dessert or brunch item.

Solstice Cheese Bake

Store it like cream cheese with or without herbs.

Oh the exciting things we can do with  this fresh cheese!

Solstice Cheese Bake

You can use Ricotta/Farmers’ Cheese/Queso Fresco for this.

2 cups fresh cheese (unsalted or just a pinch of salt)
1/2 cup honey or preserves of your choice (pear or apricot are good)
1/4 cup toasted slivered almonds, chopped walnuts or pecans

1. Mix half of the honey or preserves into your cheese and mix til smooth and creamy.  You can get fancy and add anise seeds, orange zest etc. for more complex flavor.

2. Put the mix into a ramekin or other dish that you can bake. Broil the cheese just until you see a little hint of color on top.

3. Drizzle the rest of the honey or preserves on top of the warm cheese, sprinkle with the nuts and serve. If you do not use preserves, you can also sprinkle with dried cranberries, currants or even dark chocolate shavings for more festive flair!

You can spoon this cheesy goodness onto waffles or pancakes or serve with shortbread or other simple cookies or fruit. I wish I had a photo of the finished product for you but it never lasts! Happy Winter.