Submit Your DIY Cheese Videos!

It’s spring and that always means new projects and new energy for me. It also means lots of farm fresh milk!

Wheatsville Co-op in Austin Texas made this video  of themselves making our creamy goat cheese with some of their local milk- it’s adorable and instructional.
goat kit with cheese
When they shared it with me, it gave me an idea! Instead of adding more how-to videos to my ever-mounting list of projects, why don’t I just share the videos YOU make with my kits?!

So, I challenge you little cheesemakers. Make a good instructional video using any one of my cheese kits and send it in to me (contact page). If I post it, you will get a $20 credit in my Etsy shop. Don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t post it. I just want to make sure that you are actually teaching people what they need to know, since I will ultimately be helping them with questions! 🙂

I will post the instructional videos in a special section of tutorials on my site, but I love troubleshooting videos, bloopers, outtakes, dirty faced kids and baby goats so send any and all video links and even photos for a different section.  This is not a contest and there is no deadline. It will be ongoing  until I think we’re covered.

I’d suggest posting your video on YouTube, Vimeo or similar. Then I can just link to it after you put it out into the world. Ok, go be a cheesemaker, teacher and a filmmaker! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, happy spring! Claudia

ps. if you don’t know where to find fresh milk, enter your state and city into and see if you have some nearby.