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New Burrata & Mascarpone DIY Cheese Kit and My Over Posting

I just realized and am mortified to find that I may have been emailing you with every silly change I make to the site! Yikes! I am SO sorry! I now know what box to check to prevent that- silly website default. My apologies. I hope I didn’t drive you to unsubscribe immediately. Specially because you would miss out on this exciting new kit…

I developed a unique recipe for Burrata for my upcoming cheesemaking book (May 2014!)- if you don’t know this cheese, imagine a pouch of fresh mozzarella filled with cream and soft curds! You get to try this version early with your own Burrata & Mascarpone DIY Cheese Kit. Mascarpone is amazing for desserts (Tiramisu!) but also perfect for creamy sauces. Both cheeses are very traditionally Italian and favorites for foodies! Hope you enjoy! As usual, contact us via the contact page if you have any questions at all- it’s just as good as a direct email. Colleen and I are standing by. Claudia

Burrata and Mascarpone Kit