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My Vegan, Dairy Free, Paleo Cheese Kits Are On Kickstarter

Here’s a peek of my Kickstarter Campaign for lactose-free, paleo and vegan cheese making kits. I hope you’ll go check it out. I have videos and lots of info. on there for you! You can even watch me make dairy-free mozzarella with almonds and zucchini! http://bit.ly/dfcheese

Hi, I’m Claudia!

I’m the cheesemaker behind Urban Cheesecraft. I created do-it-yourself cheese kits that make it super easy for anyone to master simple cheesemaking at home. I also teach classes and I even wrote the book, One Hour Cheese. But I realized that lots of people living the dairy-free life were missing out on the delightful world of homemade cheese. I can’t have that!

So, I turned my focus to the awesome potential of dairy-free cheese and launched a small batch of a test kit: my Dairy-Free Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit. It works for a variety of needs—including allergen-free, paleo and vegan diets.


Cheese lovers may roll their eyes or cringe in disgust at the mention of this but hear me out. I love dairy, I love real cheese. I make real cheese remember?! I’ve gotten requests for dairy-free alternatives since 2009 when I opened my business but I hesitated because like you, I did not like the store-bought options I’d come across. But I experimented and approached it from the perspective of a cheesemaker- someone who still eats cheese and know what makes it good!


I’ve applied my knowledge and high standards and voila! I developed GOOD dairy-free cheese recipes that use real food like nuts, seeds, vegetables, fermented foods, spices and fresh herbs for delicious results.

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And of course, I want those in need to be able to make these cheeses at home quickly and easily. So, kits are on the horizon!


You can find behind the scenes info, photos and shareable posts here- thank you for helping me improve the world of dairy-free cheese! Remember to watch the videos and tell your friends about my project. You really just never know who might be really into this idea! Thank you!

http://bit.ly/dfcheese (the kickstarter campaign page)




Vote for Urban Cheesecraft

Hi, I’ve been working my way to a post for you and I haven’t done it yet. Sorry about that, the holiday season and book touring has kept me insanely busy but I promise it’s coming. In the meantime, just wanted to send a quick plea along with some fun not-so subliminal images…

Soooo, Paypal chose 6 businesses for this contest and mine is one of them! Of ALL the businesses nationwide. Crazy right?! Please help me win 30K! It takes 5 seconds to vote, https://www.paypal-sxswduel.com/

20150203_1046I have a chance to win $30,000 to use as I see fit as well as pro business advice from Shark Tank (FUBU) fellow, Daymond John. Please vote, pass it on, share it with your audience (people who love cheese, have made cheese, used my kits or should :). My social media skills have me at 6th at this time, yikes!

Though this is not usually my cup of tea, now that they threw me in I’m not gonna lie, I’m dreaming about the snazzy how-to videos and new non-dairy cheese kits that money could help me create! Underdog coming in for the win at the end? Ha ha!


Just so you know, these photos are from a photo shoot for the contest that my awesome friends jumped into last minute but the Paypal team only ended up using a close up of a kit and my friend Ben’s arm, ha ha! That’s how it goes but I wanted to share some of the photos so you see our efforts and fun times!

Your votes will get it down to 2 of us, then Daymond John chooses the big winner at the South by Southwest Music Fest in Austin this March. Quick turnaround at least! Please vote! Thank you for letting me spam you ;). Love, Claudia

If you want to twitter or facebook for me here are helpful snippets for you- feel free to use any of these images for Instagram (I’m @urbancheesecraft there, follow me! 🙂 :


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Simple Creamy Goat Cheese

Goat cheese, or as the French say it, Chèvre (shev) is a deliciously tangy addition to almost any dish and is perfect eaten simply with crusty bread or fruit.

You can now whip it up in less than an hour (plus some optional wait time) and customize it with herbs and spices for endless variations. This tangy cheese makes a wonderful treat to take to a dinner party but be careful, you’ll start getting requests!


Stack of chevre wheels

It's easy to customize your chevre!


Simple Creamy Goat Cheese 


half gallon of goat milk (2 quarts)

1 tsp citric acid (to purchase citric acid or a complete goat cheese kit visit our SHOP.)

1 tsp Cheese salt (to taste)

1 tsp Herbs de Provence (optional)


Large pot- at least 4 quart

Butter Muslin (fine cheesecloth)


Large Slotted spoon

Cheese Molds

YIELD- About ¾ lb

Step 1- Measure the citric acid into ½ cup of water and stir.

Step 2- Pour your milk into the pot, pour the citric acid solution and salt into the milk and mix thoroughly.


Curds and Whey

Curds and Whey


Step 3- Heat the milk to 180°F-185°F (do not allow to boil). Stir often to prevent scorching. You will see coagulation (white and yellowish separations), turn off the heat.

Step 4- Allow to set undisturbed and off the heat for 10-15 minutes. Line a colander with your fine cheesecloth and gently pour or scoop your curds into the colander to drain out the whey. Once most of the whey has drained out, sprinkle in your salt and blend in gently.


Curds, no Whey

Curds, no Whey


Step 5- Mix in your herbs (or you can coat the shaped wheels later instead) and stir minimally.

Step 6- Spoon your curds into the cheese molds. Press just enough to evenly fill the molds. Place the molds on a flat pan so any extra whey can drain. Drain 10-30 minutes or to your desired consistency. If you have more cheese, drain in it the cloth for a “bag cheese.“


Chevre Draining in Molds

Chevre Draining in Molds


Step 7- Gently but firmly unmold (hold upside down and tap out) your cheeses and enjoy! If the cheese sticks, you can cut small pieces of your cloth and line the molds next time. If you don’t have molds, you can alternately just shape the cheese into a log with the help of wax paper. Cover and store in the refrigerator up to a week.