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Winter Solstice Honeyed Ricotta

Happy Belated Solstice! Did you notice? Yesterday was the shortest day of the year which means we had just a little bit more daylight today, we will have a little more tomorrow, and on and on. Before we know it, summer sunsets will be after 9pm again here in Portland and we’ll have tomatoes up to our eyeballs to eat with our mozzarella!

For me, holidays are such a fun way to celebrate seasonal changes that although easy to take for granted, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Of course, most of the holidays and seasons end up being celebrated with certain foods. From pea shoot pesto in spring, crisp cucumber salads in summer, to pumpkin pies in fall and spicy chai in winter…I look forward to (and naturally crave) these seasonal treats.

I hope you’re celebrating in your own special way, making your favorite seasonal treats and of course finding a way to gather with family and good friends.

If you happen to use our cheese kits with your family or gifted them for the holidays (as we often hear is the case)…thank you for inviting us to your celebrations! We look forward to hearing more about your cheesy adventures in 2014. Stay in touch! Claudia

I didn’t forget your recipe!

Honeyed Ricotta

I think not enough people enjoy ricotta in sweet recipes. This simple but addictive spread (sorry no photo) is perfect for a holiday brunch or for dinner appetizers. Use it as a spread for crostini, a fruit dip or topping for pancakes. You know those fancy brie recipes where you bake the whole wheel and top with jam and nuts? This is a lot like that!

Make ricotta, lightly sweeten about 2 cups with 1-2 tablespoons honey, grate about 10 strokes of whole nutmeg (or to taste) into it and stir thoroughly. Toast some chopped pecans in a dry pan until fragrant and melt 2 more tablespoons of honey into the pan at the last minute. Pour the honey and toasted pecans onto the ricotta (now in your presentation bowl). Dip or top away! Experiment with different add-ins or toppings…dry cranberries, anise seeds, maple syrup, pistachios, cinnamon. All delicious! Enjoy :).

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