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My Vegan, Dairy Free, Paleo Cheese Kits Are On Kickstarter

Here’s a peek of my Kickstarter Campaign for lactose-free, paleo and vegan cheese making kits. I hope you’ll go check it out. I have videos and lots of info. on there for you! You can even watch me make dairy-free mozzarella with almonds and zucchini! http://bit.ly/dfcheese

Hi, I’m Claudia!

I’m the cheesemaker behind Urban Cheesecraft. I created do-it-yourself cheese kits that make it super easy for anyone to master simple cheesemaking at home. I also teach classes and I even wrote the book, One Hour Cheese. But I realized that lots of people living the dairy-free life were missing out on the delightful world of homemade cheese. I can’t have that!

So, I turned my focus to the awesome potential of dairy-free cheese and launched a small batch of a test kit: my Dairy-Free Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit. It works for a variety of needs—including allergen-free, paleo and vegan diets.


Cheese lovers may roll their eyes or cringe in disgust at the mention of this but hear me out. I love dairy, I love real cheese. I make real cheese remember?! I’ve gotten requests for dairy-free alternatives since 2009 when I opened my business but I hesitated because like you, I did not like the store-bought options I’d come across. But I experimented and approached it from the perspective of a cheesemaker- someone who still eats cheese and know what makes it good!


I’ve applied my knowledge and high standards and voila! I developed GOOD dairy-free cheese recipes that use real food like nuts, seeds, vegetables, fermented foods, spices and fresh herbs for delicious results.

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And of course, I want those in need to be able to make these cheeses at home quickly and easily. So, kits are on the horizon!


You can find behind the scenes info, photos and shareable posts here- thank you for helping me improve the world of dairy-free cheese! Remember to watch the videos and tell your friends about my project. You really just never know who might be really into this idea! Thank you!

http://bit.ly/dfcheese (the kickstarter campaign page)