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My Radio Interview by Kid Chef Eliana

Lots has happened since the last time I posted! My book tour for One Hour Cheese started so that has kept me very busy. I went to Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Napa and more! Catch up on my events page. There are several recipes from my book shared by the bloggers on my blog tour so it’s totally worth a look if you’ve been considering buying the book. They all took beautiful photos and gave their own twists to the recipes! I love that. One-Hour Cheese 3D cover 2.4.2014

What inspired me to finally post today (other than a break from travel) is a radio show interview I did with Kid Chef Eliana! It was such a fun experience and I have to say, she was more professional than other adult operations I’ve witnessed! It blows my how much kids have at their fingertips now. To think that I never had a cookbook, a cooking TV show to watch, the internet or even foodie radio shows like hers growing up. Incredible. I had limited supplies but I had my grandma, my mom, my appetite and my hungry cousins and sister as inspiration.


I’m expecting some seriously good cooking (or other skills) from all you resource-rich kids! 😉 You can listen here. The first 22 minutes are all about my business and book and some fun questions she had for me like who would I share dinner with if I could choose anyone and my biggest kitchen disaster! Then at about 40 minutes, she makes my No Bake Tarts along with the Fromage Facile used to make them.









This is a pretty cool show for any kids you know who may be aspiring chefs or just love good food- maybe even awesome to play in a classroom while kids draw or something.  It could inspire them to start their own podcast on their hobby! Just amazing that it can be done so easily isn’t it? That works for adults too btw. 😉 Super cool! Speaking of super cool, hope you’re having a great summer! Remember this is the ideal season to enjoy and share fresh cheeses like mozzarella and ricotta with fresh basil, juicy tomatoes and other summer delights. Til next time dudes, Claudia