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I’m Bringing Cheesy Back!

That’s right! I’m done writing this book that nearly killed me.

One-Hour Cheese 3D cover 2.4.2014

One-Hour Cheese did NOT take one hour to make that’s for sure!! Testing recipes, soooooo much cheesemaking, writing, rewriting, editing and 3am photo sessions is not for the faint of heart, let me tell ya! But, with Jeff on photography, and the amazing team at Workman, it’s done and I’m so happy with it. You can order it now! 

That means, I’m back to teaching- hooray! I’m really excited about this mozzarella class coming up. I’ll be leading it at the Portland Homestead Supply in Sellwood, OR. Only 10 people fit and it’s a mere $35 for a new lifelong skill (includes a cheese tasting of course), so jump on it!


Aside from that, I’ll be launching the book and touring throughout the U.S. soon, want to host me? Contact me and maybe we can arrange something. The tour kicks off with a TV appearance (yikes!) on AM Northwest and then Powell’s on Burnside! EX. CI. TING! I think? I’ll also be slinging kits and books at the Crafty Wonderland Spring Sale in May. It’s all on the calendar. Please visit me, friendly faces make it so much more fun.

Thank you all for the support since we opened and especially this last year. Hope you enjoy the book, our polished up website (thank you Cee!) and soon I hope, a class and new skill! Claudia

p.s. Happy spring! I hope it’s full of beautiful beginnings for you!