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TV Cheese in 6 Minutes!

I did it! My live TV debut on AMNW happened this morning. My head, neck and stomach still hurt at 1pm! It went well enough though. We talked about my book, One-Hour Cheese, the Powell’s event this week and we made cheese- in 6 minutes!

It was fast-paced and I was nervous that the milk was not at the right temperature yet, so when they yelled, 30 seconds to air, I screamed sh*t!!!!! That’s why you hear some laughter when my segment begins.

It’s kind of a secret but I have a potty mouth under stress… I’ve tried to train myself to say cute things like cheese and crackers!, which would be especially appropriate, but when I’m stressin’ all training goes out the window! So, if you ever hear me exclaim, cheese and crackers!, you’ll know what I really mean. 😉

Hope to see you at Powell’s Books this Wednesday, 5/7 at 7:30pm. I’ll make cheese of course, you’ll get to eat and ask questions if you got ’em. This is my big book launch week in Portland, OR- weeeeeeee!