Terms + Conditions


We use use Paypal and Stripe or Personal Check.


Please be clear about your shipping address. It will cause a delay if the address is incorrect according to the postal service or if you give me two addresses and I have to email you.

We ship out on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I add delivery confirmation to every single package just to make sure it got to you. Please watch for your package. I cannot be responsible for what happens in your neighborhood and/or your doorstep though I am very sympathetic.

Refunds and Exchanges

My goal is that every single one of my customers is happy, comes back for more and tells their friends to visit. I always want to hear about anything arriving in less that perfect condition.

I do ask for reasonable fairness as far as the expectations once you start making cheese however; cheese-making is a bit of a science and if you use Ultra Pasteurized or Ultra Heat Pasteurized milk, or heat the milk too much, not enough (i.e. if you don’t follow the recipe exactly), or if you leave your rennet in the sun etc., your cheese might flop through no fault of Urban Cheesecraft. Do not get discouraged, always email me for advice so we can figure out what happened. You can also visit my blog for common adventures in cheesemaking.

I will happily replace your supplies when it is clear that they are not adequate.

Additional Policies and FAQs

By the way, all of the kits are shelf stable. The ones that contain rennet are a little more delicate but as long as they are not in a warm place like a car trunk or a sunny window, they will be fine too. The rennet should be stored in the freezer as soon as it is received- this way the rennet can keep for 1-2 years. So, feel free to buy a kit as a gift a few months ahead of time (especially before holidays).


Finally, wholesale prices are available. If you have a shop, contact me for a price sheet, claudia [!at] urbancheesecraft.com.

Last Updated January 9, 2012