Cheesecloth Care

For success with the butter muslin/fine cheesecloth you get in your kits (90# if you’re curious) follow these simple tips:

  • First time, wash in warm water
  • Rinse curds off with cold water immediately after you finish using it.
  • Wash as you would your dishtowels
  • Soak for a few minutes in baking soda to refresh after a couple of uses
  • Soak in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize or as some do, bleach in a weak solution.
  • Handle gently and it should last you a good while before it develops holes.
  • It may look very wrinkly right out of the washer but if you rinse and wring it before lining your colander, it will stretch back out nicely. As a bonus, won’t slide as you pour curds and whey through it.