Goat Cheese Kit Info

This kit makes an easy, beginners’ goat cheese similar to ricotta or other farmer cheeses. Chevre just means goat in French so it covers an endless variety of cheeses made of goats milk. Don’t expect your results to be like the aged French goat cheeses you may have encountered. This is an incredibly versatile kit however; heat the milk less (185F) and you get a creamy spreadable result you may be more familiar with. Heat it more (200F) and it will evolve into something more like crumbly feta. They can all be shaped with the molds with slightly different outcomes. Check out the photos.The aged goat cheeses take a bit more experience, more time, rennet and sometimes cultures. I may offer more advanced kits in the future but for now, this is a great start. As you will see there are endless varieties you can make if you incorporate different spices, herbs and shapes. Have fun experimenting!

ps. if you have made other fresh cheeses with cow milk you may be expecting the curds to look like the same with goats cheese (big and chunky). For me, with pasteurized goat milk at least, the curds are tiny. You can still see the curdling happen when you add the acid but it is a lot more subtle. Just drain in the fine cheesecloth I include and you will end up with wonderful chevre. Just wanted to include that so you don’t dump it out. Always, always follow through, cheese has a magical way of transforming!