Making easy mozzarella in one hour with our DIY Cheese Kits is already pretty convenient, but keeping some curd in the freezer is a great time saver that allows you to make Caprese salads, picnic panini, or BBQ appetizers on the fly all summer long!

Plus it reduces your time in the kitchen when you just want to be out enjoying warm weather (or simply hiding out in the shade).

If you're thinking that the freezer might ruin the final product know this, the "house-made" mozzarella you get at most restaurants and delis in the U.S. is actually just house-stretched mozzarella using pre-made curd they purchased in bulk from a distributor. The curd is stored at almost freezing temp. until they are ready to stretch it (usually daily for the best cheese). time you make mozzarella try making a double batch or freezing half of the curd to stretch later!

Read on to learn this restaurant hack for yourself.

ball of mozzarella and ball of string cheese made using easy recipe by urban cheesecraft

Follow our mozzarella recipe here and adjust as below to freeze curd:

Allow the curd you create in the recipe above to drain and cool completely after separating it from the whey.This should take at least 30 minutes for best results.

It should be matted together and sliceable, so be sure to cook the curd enough after cutting it into cubes in the cheesemaking process.

To prepare the curd for the freezer place it in a container with a lid that seals well. A container that is freezer safe and heat safe (like Pyrex) is handy because you can stretch the curd in the same container after you defrost the curd, but you can use any container that seals tightly.

cheese maker hands showing how to cut and portion mozzarella curd so you can freeze it

Alternatively, you can wrap the curd tightly in cling wrap then foil, or a silicone or plastic zipper bag. Make sure you label and date the curd. It is best before 4 months. No matter what, it can taste freezer burned if not wrapped well.

When you are ready to make your super quick mozzarella, you simply defrost the curd and stretch it. You can defrost it at room temperature in about eight hours (overnight or during a work day both work great) or dunk it in room temp. water to defrost in two-three hours (wrapped). 

Then stretch away! You'll have tender, freshly-made mozzarella in minutes and with minimal effort.

If you choose the microwave stretching option in our recipe, your cheese will be ready to eat in two minutes! You really can't beat that. Yes, we know, you've heard that microwaves are evil, they are not, and don't knock this method until you try it. It does this particular job very well and is WAY less messy than the traditional hot water method. 
Want fresh mozzarella soon-ish? Mozzarella curd also keeps in the fridge for at least 5 days if you want to have it ready to go when the craving strikes.

Both the freezer or fridge curd storage method will result in much nicer fresh mozzarella than if you stretch it first, then store it.

What will you make with ultra fast and easy homemade mozzarella this summer?

Melty quesadillas, refreshing salads and simple Margherita pizzas are our favorites around here! 

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