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Brand new book by Claudia Lucero. The book features 30 recipes, including 7 dairy free (wheels, sauces, coconut yogurt).

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The beloved Instant Pot can be used to do just about anything: caramelize onions, boil eggs, steam rice . . . and now, make cheese! Cheesemaking in a multicooker is not only time- and money-saving, but the cooker’s accurate and consistent temperatures make it an ideal tool for the craft. Claudia Lucero, author of the best-selling One-Hour Cheese, presents the cheesemaking basics, then covers classics such as paneer, ricotta, goat cheese, and easy cottage cheese before introducing more sophisticated options like burrata and feta, and even dairy-free alternatives. For multicookers with a “Yogurt” function, there are recipes for cultured dairy products such as buttermilk, ghee, and sour cream, too.

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