Refill supply- 1 Yard 100% Cotton Cheesecloth (for both dairy and dairy-free cheesemaking)


1 yard of 100% cotton, 90 thread per inch fine cheesecloth- also known as butter muslin

The tight weave on this cheesecloth makes it ideal for many crafts but for our purposes, it allows whey to drain from your cheese leaving you with even the smallest of fragile curds. Typical cheesecloth from grocery stores has huge holes through which you can lose your lovely small cheese curds.

Directions: This fine cloth lasts and lasts, just rinse it with cold water immediately after use and gently wash it with your kitchen towels as usual. You can also super clean the cloth by boiling it for 5 minutes.


Check out Claudia Lucero's cheesemaking book, One Hour Cheese. In this book I shows you how to make the cheeses in my shop and many more with step-by-step photos; a rarity in cheesemaking books
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