This holiday season, host a dairy-free fondue party! Fondue as an event is a chance to bring loved ones together for a casual, communal meal.

Read on to learn how you can create an easy but signature, dairy-free fondue party featuring a variety of flavors, bases and dippers.

With these delicious plant-based creamy sauces made from nuts, seeds, beans or veggies everyone can dip to their hearts' content in creamy goodness. Whether you host friends and family with allergies, who eat a vegan diet, a paleo diet or who just love good food, everyone will remember this unique treat you are giving them.

To complement the savory, creamy sauces of your amazing gathering, prepare platters filled with vibrant blanched and raw vegetables, pickles and bread bites for everyone to enjoy. This special celebration is a also a feast for the eyes so don't hold back.

Now, how to create a variety of creamy, vegan fondue sauces in the easiest way possible?

Use our Dairy-Free Sauces Kit! It includes three mixes, all with differently delightful flavor profiles perfect for a fondue party. That means you can create a fondue flight of three cheesy sauces to dip into!

Use the fondue mix for the classic European experience. Baguette rounds, slices of green apples and cornichon (tiny pickles) are great with it.

Think of the creamy mac like a better nacho cheese. Serve cornbread cubes, red bell peppers and green olives with it.

Serve the Alfredo sauce with strips of warm pizza crust, cherry tomatoes and your favorite sausage or pepperoni.  

Seriously, can you imagine walking into this party?!

Our mixes include the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients so your creamy vegan cheese sauce is perfect every time. The best part, each sauce takes just minutes to prepare. As briefly mentioned above, you add the base to these mixes so you can avoid nuts if there's an allergy and use sunflower seeds or white beans, or use veggies like cauliflower or zucchini if you prefer a light sauce.

You don't need a special fondue pot if you serve the sauces warm right after you prepare them. But, for a casual fondue party that may last a while you can purchase simple warming pots online. Some are meant for fondue, some for chocolate sauce and some for gravy. There are even tiny crockpots. They will all work great!

The vintage fondue pots that use a flame are beautiful but can end up with stuck on fondue after several hours. I have used small ones with tealights that do ok, though they don't hold much sauce. 

If you notice that too much liquid evaporated after hours of simmering, or if you have leftover sauce and refrigerate it, it may thicken a lot (depends on what base you use). Just whisk in a little warm water one tablespoon at a time to loosen it back up for dipping. You can also microwave and whisk.

If you know you love our luscious, customizable sauces already, you might prefer our new 1lb refill bags! They are same great mixes found in our Vegan Sauces Kit, but in bulk, no frills bags for your pantry.
This is small test run so supplies are very low. If they do well, they will be back so make sure to sign up for our emails below to get an alert.

And of course, we also make it easy to make impressive slicing wheels for classic cheese platters. Try our dairy-free kit for brie, cheddar and mozzarella! This kit is amazing for hosting and gifting.

May you enjoy the cheesy life year-round! 

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