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An hour of wholesome, unplugged fun and you get delicious cheese!


There's something truly magical about stretching mozzarella curd, shaping a little wheel of goat cheese, or whipping up an unbelievably tasty dairy-free fondue for the first time. We want to share that magic with as many people as possible.

To do that, we teach beginners with clear, fun instructions that craft cheese and creamy sauces easily and fast.

When you try or share one of our cheese making kits you will feel it. This is not just another product - it's an experience, a skill, and a way to connect with others. The dreamy cheese that comes with all this is a delicious bonus!

Mozzarella, Ricotta & Farmers' Cheesemaking Kit (cow or goat milk)
Deluxe Cheesemaking Kit - 8 Cheeses - Burrata, Goat Cheese, String Cheese, Mozzarella & more (cow/goat milk)
Only 6 left!
dairy free wheels kit mozzarella cheddar brie best cheese for vegans
dairy free sauce gift kit alfredo sauce mac n cheese sauce fondue easy and best vegan cheese sauces
Mini Cheesemaking Kit - 4 Batches Farmers' Cheese & Ricotta - (cow milk)
Bundle (Dairy-Free) - One Hour Dairy Free Cheesemaking Book and Kit
Bundle - One Hour Cheese Book and Deluxe Cheesemaking Kit
Only 1 left!
Bundle - Instant Pot Cheese Book and Deluxe Cheesemaking Kit
Vegetarian Rennet tablets sold by Urban Cheesecraft
Refill - Quick-Set Agar Powder (for dairy-free/vegan cheeses)
Online Cheesemaking Class for Beginners - Farmers' Cheese Wheels (cow or goat)
online cheesemaking class poster claudia lucero one hour mozzarella
Bulk Dairy Free Fondue Mix Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Nut Free 12 Batches
Bulk Dairy-Free Alfredo Sauce Mix - Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Nut Free
Only 3 left!
Bulk Dairy-Free Creamy Mac Sauce Mix - Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Nut Free
Only 5 left!
Private Raclette Tasting - Your Group of 8
Only 1 left!
Private Cheesemaking Class - Your Group of 8-12


How? We ship cheesemaking kits to your family and friends and you meet online with one of our online cheesemaking classes.


Make tasty use of this byproduct with our latest book Cooking with Whey.


Enjoy all the creamy goodness you've been missing with our book, One Hour Dairy Free Cheese as well as our kits for dairy free cheese wheels and sauces.


Our new book, Instant Pot Cheese includes over 25 innovative recipes we adapted for the modern cheesemaker. Try a very easy sample recipe right now.


Our cheesemaking kits were born after Urban Cheesecraft founder and cheesemaker, Claudia Lucero, began to wow friends with simple cheeses she'd whipped up for casual dinner parties. Everyone asked how they too could make cheese so casually.

As Claudia explained how she sourced the correct items from different bulk suppliers and adapted recipes calling for 10-50 gallons of milk down to one gallon, she learned that these curious friends were overwhelmed by the work of gathering the right ingredients and supplies. In addition, they assumed they needed raw milk, lots of bleach, an aging cave and months of waiting. To top things off, they were truly afraid they might poison themselves.

Claudia typed up her recipes and shared her own supplies with these friends first. Soon they asked for a kit for their moms, brothers, co-workers and everyone else they'd shared their homemade cheeses with!

By 2009 those early cheesemaking kits developed into a well tested, professional line of fully stocked, simple kits for total beginners and launched in an Etsy Shop. The business caught on surprisingly fast and within 6 months Claudia was making, shipping and delivering her DIY cheese kits in the evenings and weekends - and all around her fulltime job.

People wanted to learn, and they wanted to do it in a way that is low-stress, empowering, and hey, even fun! Soon Whole Foods Market called, then Williams Sonoma, then Workman Publishing...there was a hunger for homemade cheese and the forgotten skill that goes with it.

Urban Cheesecraft has grown since those late nights of hand delivering in 2009. We continue to focus on beginners and listen to curious cheese lovers as we simplify recipes (one hour burrata anyone?), write books, delve into the world of dairy-free cheese and create online classes so anyone, anywhere can learn to make cheese easily.

All of our kits and books still include Claudia's personal email address, just in case a question comes up, or you simply want to share a photo of your first cheese. We know that once you try making cheese you won't believe you didn't try it sooner!

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