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FAQs- Gift giving and tips

We are delighted to report that thousands and thousands of our cheesemaking kits have been given as gifts since 2009. Below are answers to common questions. Message us if you have any others.

urban cheesecraft mozzarella making kit wrapped in sustainable cheesecloth and herbs resuse washable zero waste

Who would love a cheesemaking kit?

An easier question is who wouldn't?! :) Our DIY cheesemaking kits make great gifts for cheese lovers (of course!) but also weekend gourmets, homeschoolers, teachers, parents, couples, budding cooks and kitchen scientists of all ages. You can share our products with confidence knowing we design our kits, classes and books with beginners in mind. We also have dairy-free vegan cheese kits. All kits are gluten free and nut free. Nothing in our shop requires refrigeration, making shopping and shipping easy for you.

Are the kits perishable- how long are they "good?"

They are shelf stable for at least one full year from your date of purchase! Our mini kit without rennet tablets is good indefinitely as long as you keep the salt and citric acid dry. The mozzarella and deluxe kits that include rennet are good for one year minimum at room temp., and at least two more years if you keep the rennet tablets in the freezer. The dairy-free kits are good for one year at room temp., longer if they are not opened. So, there's no need to put off your shopping or worry that you have to use everything right away.

It's a gift, can you leave out the price?

We never include invoices or prices. You will get a receipt by email when you purchase, so we're covered.

Can you include a gift note?

Absolutely! Just type a brief note (word for word) into the "message to seller" at checkout. If you say anything extra like, "please don't include a receipt as this is a gift" it will automatically go on the note. So really, only include your brief note, word for word. Try to get the note in at the time of your order because a note emailed to us separately may not make it in time for our fast shipping. We suggest you still let the recepients know to expect a gift in the mail.

Which kit is best for beginners?

All of our kits are all designed for beginners but some are easier than others. Our Mini Kit makes farmers' cheese and ricotta which are both super easy and yummy! Great for kids too. Our Mozzarella Kit is our most popular kit and also makes ricotta which is a good first cheese. Our book, One Hour Cheese is a great add on because it contains many more recipes and they are marked Easy, Easier, and Easiest to help guide newbies.

Can you gift wrap?

Our full focus is on getting our cheesemaking kits made and shipped for you promptly. We cannot offer gift wrapping for you at this time but the kits are beautiful already. If you are gifting in person try out this natural wrapping solution with the included cheesecloth, some fresh herbs and twine! 

zero waste reuse wash natural gift wrap our cheese-makig kits with included resusable washable cheesecloth and fresh herb sprigs and twine

Happy gift-giving you generous person, you! 

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