FAQs - Cheesecloth

real cheesecloth for cheesemaking in Urban Cheesecraft cheese making kits

Can I wash and re-use cheesecloth?

Absolutely! For success with the tight mesh cotton cheesecloth (also known as butter muslin) that we include our cheesemaking kits follow these simple tips: 

  • First time, rinse thoroughly in warm water just to remove cutting fibers and dust. You can line your colander with it still damp. In fact, that keeps it from slipping.
  • Rinse curds off with cold water immediately after you finish making cheese.
  • You can then hand wash it with hot water and dish soap or just let it hang it to dry until you wash your dishtowels. It can go in a washer and dryer.

Can I remove stains and scents?

  • To refresh your cheesecloth after several uses, you can soak it for a few minutes in a baking soda solution. Rinse well.
  • If it's smelly, also soak in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize it. 
Handle this good quality cheesecloth gently and it should last many years before it develops holes or smells. Much longer than the disposable gauze they sell in grocery stores!

Note, it may look very wrinkled right out of a clothes dryer but if you rinse it in water and wring it before lining your colander, it will stretch back out nicely. As a bonus, it won’t slide as you pour curds and whey through it.

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