FAQs - Thermometer

I think my metal probe thermometer is broken.

Your cheesemaking process could be affected dramatically if your thermometer reads 60 degrees Fahrenheit when the milk is really 110! Luckily, it’s probably not broken, it just needs to be re-calibrated. All you need are some pliers and a pot of boiling water or an ice slurry.

An ice slurry is a cup full of ice, topped off with water. Dip the thermometer and read after one minute. It should read 32 degrees Fahrenheit or close.

No ice? Heat water to a rolling boil. Dip thermometer in at least two inches of water. It should read 212 degrees Fahrenheit or close.

Use a wrench or small pliers to turn the nut under the thermometer dial (face) and turn it until the needle reads the correct, known temperature of the ice (32°F) or boiling water (212°F).

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