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Refill - Quick-Set Agar Powder (for dairy-free/vegan cheeses)


Our quick set agar powder is the same superior agar powder we use in our dairy-free wheels kit. It also works perfectly with the recipes in our book, One Hour Dairy Free Cheese

Two small bags are included in each order which together equal 2 ounces. This will make roughly 8 wheels of dairy-free cheese using our various recipes. 

Agar - Gelling powder from two species of red seaweed (Gracilaria and Gelidium). Totally vegan and gluten free.

This agar powder is not available to retail customers anywhere. We source it in bulk and repack it so we can share it with you. We know a lot of vegan cheeses don't firm up because of faulty agar powder so we wanted to set you up for success.  

In our extensive tests, although it is not the cheapest, this agar powder was the easiest to cook with and fastest to set. We are able to mix it with our dairy-free cheese ingredients right in the blender versus having to "activate" it by pre-boiling it on its own. This saves time, frustration and an extra dirty pot but best of all, you end up with beautifully shaped wheels. 

Note : Agar set cheeses do melt in their own way (don't expect a pizza cheese stretch) but you have to heat them to over 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

We hope you like this agar powder as much as we do!

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