Treat your friends to a bubbles and burrata party! It is low effort for you but fun and delicious for everyone. This guide is your ticket to hosting the most memorable burrata bash ever. We have sparkling wine, beer, as well as non-alcoholic bubbles from kombucha, seltzer and “near beer” all lined up to pair with that luscious burrata on your plates. Make it DIY Burrata if you want a mind-blowing experience in one hour :).

Let’s party plan!

As you read, keep in mind that you can keep your bubbles and burrata party simple by choosing just one family of the bubbles below, beer for example. Just be sure to also pick up some non-alcoholic options. They taste better and better every year so even non-sober folks enjoy these now.

For a group effort you can ask each of your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite bubbles. You offer an array of the suggested pairings listed below along with plenty of creamy, drippy pouches of burrata.

If this is not a recipe for a memorable bash, then what is?!

a variety of bubbly beverages and three burrata cheese on wooden board with cherry tomatoes

As mentioned above, you can make your own burrata with our Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit for beginners. Imagine making your own custom burrata to share. You absolutely can along with many other tasty cheeses!

two hands gathering burrata edges to make bundle on butcher block counter

Sparkling Wine and Burrata

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Why It Works: The zingy bubbles and bright acidity cut right through the rich creaminess of burrata. Yum!

Serving Tip: In warm weather pair it with the classic hits - fresh tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. In cold weather pair with prosciutto, pesto and sundried tomatoes.


Why It Works: Prosecco is a bit fruitier and sweeter, making it a perfect partner for the delicate flavors of burrata.

Serving Tip: A touch of honey and sprinkle of sea salt on your burrata will surprise your taste buds in a great way.


Why It Works: Dry and crisp, Cava’s got what it takes to balance out the creamy goodness of burrata.

Serving Tip: Pair it with savory prosciutto or roasted veggies for a mouthwatering combo.


Why It Works: Light and fresh acidity works beautifully with buttery burrata.

Serving Tip: Pair it with crisp grapes, simple crackers and dry peppery salami.

selection of sparkling wine, kombucha, seltzer, and beer for burrata tasting party

Beer and Burrata

These pairings also apply to the much-improved non-alcoholic beer options available today!


Why It Works: The hoppy bitterness and citrus notes in all IPAs (including non-alcoholic options) are wonderful for resetting the palate between creamy bites.

Serving Tip: Enjoy a small salad of arugula with toasted walnuts and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and mild olive oil to accentuate and balance the bitterness at the same time.


Why It Works: Light body and mild bitterness in pilsner make for an easy crowd-pleasing pairing. Simple and delightful!

Serving Tip: Toasted bread or crostini adds a nice crunch to your burrata and beer pairing. Top it with bruschetta made with in-season tomatoes for a special but easy party dish.

Witbier (Belgian Wheat Beer)

Why It Works: Light and crisp witbier is unique for its flavors of coriander and orange peel. These flavors and the lightness of the beer work beautifully with the creamy mouthfeel of burrata.

Serving Tip: Works well with grilled brats and kielbasa, as well as extra crunchy potato chips!


Why It Works: Dry and bubbly with fruity and spicy notes, saison is a perfect match for creamy burrata.

Serving Tip: Thinly sliced persimmons and charcuterie is wonderful with Saison and burrata.

burrata pairings for summer party tomatoes basil salad

Lambrusco and Burrata

Lambrusco is a fun wine to try if you have not yet – it’s bubbly red wine, enjoyed chilled! It is confusing to the American mind although it is quite common to drink in Italy. You may find that some wine snobs frown upon Lambrusco because there are some overly sweet options, but you just have to find good dry options (see suggestions below). When you do, it will be like enjoying a cold, way less sweet Coca Cola in the best way possible - pair that with burrata with tomatoes and you're in fancy pizza and coke territory. There is absolutely a place for that mind-bending experience at bubbles and burrata parties! This pairing is often the surprising conversation piece at parties so here’s a little extra information for you on these particular bubbles.

One bit of trivia for you: Lambrusco comes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is also the birthplace of other gifts to the world; balsamic vinegar of Modena, Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma all come from this area, so you know Lambrusco is worth trying!

Lambrusco Serving Tips

Accompaniments: If you can find them, sliced meaty San Marzano tomatoes (or sun-dried tomatoes), fresh basil, and a sharp olive oil will give you an elevated pizza and coca cola experience. If you’re a pizza maker, top your pizza with torn shreds of burrata and call it a day!

Temperature: Serve Lambrusco chilled (50-55°F) to keep things crisp and refreshing.

Extras: Arugula salad, roasted beets and mortadella add layers of deliciousness to this pairing.

Dry Lambrusco Suggestions

Cleto Chiarli "Vecchia Modena" Lambrusco di Sorbara
Why It Works: Bright acidity and red berry notes make this a burrata lover’s dream.

Vigneto Saetti Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce
Why It Works: Dark berries, earth, and spice complement savory burrata accompaniments.

Lini 910 "Labrusca" Lambrusco Rosso
Why It Works: Balanced and bubbly, it enhances burrata’s delicate flavors.

Fattoria Moretto Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro
Why It Works: Fuller body and dry finish make this a top pick for creamy burrata.

burrata pairing for winter and fall prosciutto figs persimmons bitter greens

Kombucha and Burrata

Extra note here: Kombucha can vary from tasting sweet like fruit juice, to really tangy like vinegar, to very dry and almost beer-like. Find your favorite brands or try a couple of different styles.

Citrus Kombucha

Why It Works: The zesty tang of citrus kombucha cuts through the richness of burrata, refreshing your palate with every sip.

Serving Tip: Pair with a crusty loaf of great artisan bread that you rub with a raw garlic clove. Dunk this rustic garlic bread in good extra virgin olive oil (can have nice bitter citrus notes too!) as you scoop bites of creamy burrata.

Berry Kombucha

Why It Works: Sweet-tart berry flavors complement burrata’s mild, milky deliciousness. Think strawberry cheesecake.

Serving Tip: Perfect with a drizzle of syrupy balsamic glaze and roasted strawberries or grapes. Sweet and savory bliss!

Ginger Kombucha

Why It Works: Spicy ginger adds a lovely layer of warmth and complexity to burrata. If this seems off to you, remember that warming spices like ginger are used in Indian cuisine along with copious dairy like paneer and yogurt and it works!

Serving Tip: Try it with curried almonds and other spicy accompaniments for a cross-cultural twist. If you have one nearby, visit an Indian market and get a variety of their savory snacks.

Seltzer and Burrata

Citrus-Infused Seltzer

Why It Works: Much like with the citrus kombucha, the zesty citrus notes and bubbles of a lemon seltzer, for example, complements burrata’s richness. Think creamsicle!

Serving Tip: A salad of vinaigrette massaged kale and a variety of peeled and sliced citrus slices (grapefruit, mandarin, blood orange) is wonderful with this. A whole other direction is a sprinkle of dry chili flakes (even better if they are smoky chipotle flakes), fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

Herbal Seltzer

Why It Works: Herb-infused seltzer complements many cheeses beautifully and it’s great fun to extend the herbal flavors into the pairings. If you can’t find an herbal seltzer, see if you can find a hop-infused seltzer for similar results.

Serving Tip: Herb-infused olive oil or pesto and fresh greens like arugula with mixed herbs.

Berry-Flavored Seltzer

Why It Works: A hint of berry flavor pairs wonderfully with burrata’s creamy flavor but unlike the berry kombucha, this pairing will not add sweetness.

Serving Tip: Pair with a fruit salad for a delightful end to your meal, or with a fresh greens salad that includes dry cranberries or sliced strawberries.

Mix your Own Seltzer

Why It Works: Flavored seltzers use flavor extracts and sometimes they can taste like candy or dish soap. Adding a squeeze or real lemon, a splash of red wine vinegar, a slice of cucumber, a sliced berry, or a sprig of fresh herbs is so easy and often much nicer! It is also really nice to create a make your own seltzer bar for designated drivers and sober guests. Those who do drink alcohol can always splash some wine into their light cocktail!

Serving Tip: Depending on what you add, refer to the above serving suggestions for the flavored seltzers. For vinegar flavored seltzer, use kombucha or sparkling wine pairings. Easy easy!

Burrata and bubbles are a match made in heaven and one your friends will not soon forget. From sparkling wines and beers to kombucha, seltzer, and Lambrusco, these pairings will wow and make your festive party an annual request. Cheers to a fabulous Burrata and Bubbles party!

Which bubbles will you try?

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