Kitchen supplies for dairy free cheesemaking

Though the kitchen supplies needed to make our dairy free cheeses are all fairly common items, it's important to know why they are the chosen ones.  You will not need all these items for all the cheeses so make sure to look at the recipe instructions first to see what items are needed for your cheese.  

Urban Cheesecraft dairy free cheesemaking basic kitchen equipment









Blender or food processor 

Blender or a large food processor is a must when making dairy free cheeses, the higher the power, the better.

Bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons

Staples of any kitchen, a variety of bowls and measuring equipment is especially handy for the aspiring cheesemaker.  For our purposes, measuring cups for liquids and solids can be used interchangeably since the difference between the two are negligible for the ratios we'll be working with.  Bowls, measuring spoons and cups made of any material will do just fine.

Small pot or pan

Small pot or a pan with 1 quart capacity, non-stick is helpful.

Sturdy wooden spoon

Silicone scraper

You can use a spoon here instead but using a scraper is very useful with the blender.

Colander or mesh sieve

Colander made of any material will do just fine.

Cheesecloth also known as Butter Muslin

Important to note that the common cheesecloth found at most grocery stores - with huge holes - is not very useful nor is it reusable. Small holes are useful for straining out small bits of nuts that just won't blend as well as extra liquid.  

All of our kits include cheesecloth, but you can also buy it separately. Click here to buy good quality cheesecloth

Heat-resistant storage containers with lid 

Plastic storage containers with lids will work just fine for most cheeses but we recommend glass, heat-resistant storage containers with lids. Pyrex, Anchor etc. work great. 

Shaping molds

Once you start making and molding your cheese, you're going to start looking at the items in your cupboards in a very different way; in terms of cheese shapes! What about your cupcake or tart pans? Silicone ice trays? Cookie cutters, sushi rice molds, coffee cups, small bowls, ramekins, loaf pans, and measuring cups all make great molds.  Any sort of food-safe container that isn't too difficult to get cheese out of, is fair game. Parchment or waxed paper can be part of the process, too, whether you line a mold for easy extraction and added texture; use it to ball, roll or twist your cheese into shape; or simply use a sheet as a smooth, clean surface to work on. 

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