One-Hour Cheese by Claudia lucero

One-Hour Cheese by Claudia lucero

August 7, 2014  By Emma Christensen 

The angle: Have an hour? Make some cheese!

Recipes for right now: Haloumi, Ale-Washed Squeakies, Favorite Melty Mozzarella, Brown Butter Burrata, Chipotle-Lime Oaxaca, No-Bake Cheese Tartlets, Grilled Eggplant Rolls

Who would enjoy this book? Cheese enthusiasts (aren't we all?) looking for an easy introduction to cheese-making

Quick Facts

 Who wrote it: Claudia Lucero

 Who published it: Workman Publishing

 Number of recipes: 16 different cheeses, with recipes for using them

 Other highlights: There were so many times while flipping through this book that I stopped and though, "Huh. I had no idea that cheese was so easy." Halloumi? Burrata?A pretty convincing 1-hour cheddar lookalike? So awesome! Every one of these cheese recipes is accompanied by several pages of photos illustrating not only what to do, but how the cheese should look (and sometimes stretch) at each stage of the game. I also appreciate the quick rundown of key characteristics for each cheese, from best ways to use it to how soon its ready to eat (because some are ready in less than an hour!).

Find the book at your local library, independent bookstore, or Amazon: One-Hour Cheese by Claudia Lucero

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