Online Cheesemaking Class for Beginners Taught by Portland, Oregon Based Cheesemaker and Author - Urban Cheesecraft
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Online Cheesemaking Class for Beginners - Farmers' Cheese Wheels (cow or goat)

Make beautiful wheels of Farmer's Cheese in this online cheesemaking class for total beginners. Your homemade cheese will be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes! This cheese is mild and tender, much like the soft mozzarella sold in brine. 

Pairs perfectly with our cheese kits (not necessary though).

Pair this recorded class with any of the dairy cheese kits in the shop so you will be ready to go at your own convenience.  Use cow's milk or goat's milk and customize your cheese with fresh herbs, spices and even spicy peppers for custom variety.

The class is taught by Claudia Lucero, author of four cheesemaking books and founder of Urban Cheesecraft. 

You will learn:

How to select equipment for making Farmers’ Cheese and other cheeses.
How to select the right ingredients for cheesemaking.
How to create curds and whey using proper heat and the right acids.
How to flavor the milk and curds with herbs, spices and salts for your one of a kind custom cheese.
How to shape wheels using various forms or simply with cheesecloth and a colander for a rustic wheel.

The class is recorded and split up into short sections. Your pace, your schedule, your kitchen. 

No experience required and you push play when it works for you as many times as you'd like. You will have cheese ready to eat, in as little as 30 minutes.

Not so technical details:

This digital class is hosted on The Fermentation School's website. You will receive a downloadable intro packet in an email after you purchase the class. Then, you follow the simple instructions to enroll in your pre-paid class at the school.

The pdf download is a ticket and gift certificate in one if you would like to gift a class to a lucky cheese lover. Print it out, or send it by email (anyone in the world can take the class, but the class is taught in English). Pick up any of the dairy cheese kits in the shop for a complete gift. 

Whether you have made cheese before and did not succeed, or this is your first attempt, this online class will give you a solid foundation of the basic process. The class is even great to do with kids (with adults doing the work with hot milk and whey).

This is a pre-recorded class to take at your own pace. No need to schedule, no pressure to perform on zoom. :)

Power to the people! 

Cheesemaking belongs to all of us. In this class you will see that there is no reason to be scared to try it, especially when it comes to cheeses made in under an hour. You do not have to milk your own cow, you don’t need to bleach your kitchen, or wait months for your wheel to age in a cave. You can make traditional, rustic cheeses like this simple Farmers' Cheese and move on with confidence to try your hand at mozzarella, string cheese, goat cheese and so many more.
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