Refill supply- Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (for dairy cheesemaking)

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Make your own natural cheese with our vegetarian rennet tablets. They are a perfect for all sorts of vegetarian cheeses.


  • Microbial coagulant i.e. Mucur Pussillus and/or Mucur Miehei
  • Cellulose Microcristaline
  • Sodium Chloride USP

Dietary Guidelines: Tablets contain no animal products and are gluten free.

Quantity: 10 Rennet tablets.  Makes total of 40 batches of cheese.

Directions: Yield: 1/4 tablet will set up to 2 gallons of milk. The recipes in my kits typically call for 1/4 tablet for 1 gallon of milk. Ten tablets will set a minimum of 40 gallons of milk. Crush desired portion of tablet and dissolve in 1/4 cup of cool, non-chlorinated water. Add to milk when specified in recipe. Stir to distribute thoroughly.



Our kits and supplies are assembled in a food-safe, fully-licensed facilities that strictly follow the Department of Agriculture cleaning guidelines. The food items are all gluten-free but packaged in a room that may come in contact with wheat, soy, corn, nuts and other food allergens. 

Shelf life and storage guidelines: Store rennet tablets in the freezer. They're active a minimum of 1 year at room temp. They will last at least 4 additional years if stored in the freezer.



Check out Claudia Lucero's cheesemaking book, One Hour Cheese. In this book I shows you how to make the cheeses in my shop and many more with step-by-step photos; a rarity in cheesemaking books.
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