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Refill - Rennet Tablets (vegetarian, for dairy-based cheeses)


Make your own cheese with our vegetarian rennet tablets. Use them to make all the cheeses in our kits and books (dairy-based) or other cheeses that ask for tablet rennet.

The resulting cheeses are vegetarian and can be enjoyed by a mixed group and the tablets have a much longer shelf life compared to liquid rennet. Note - these are not like the Junket brand tablets found in the pudding aisle at the grocery store. 


  • Microbial coagulant i.e. Mucur Pussillus and/or Mucur Miehei
  • Cellulose Microcristaline
  • Sodium Chloride USP

Dietary Guidelines: Tablets contain no animal products and are gluten free.

Quantity: 10 rennet tablets.
Make a total of 40 batches of cheese when 1/4 tablet is used.

Notes: 1/4 tablet will set up to 2 gallons of milk. The recipes in our kits typically call for 1/4 tablet for 1 gallon of milk. Ten tablets will set a minimum of 40 gallons of milk. Crush desired portion of tablet and dissolve in 1/4 cup of cool, non-chlorinated water. Add to milk when specified in recipe. Stir to distribute thoroughly (usually at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit but it depends on your recipe). 

Shelf life and storage guidelines: Ideally store rennet tablets in the freezer. They're active a minimum of one year at room temp. They will last at least 3 additional years if stored in the freezer.


Check out our kits and books if you need recipes for this rennet!  

Shelf Life - 1 year at room temp. plus 4 years in freezer. 
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